Testimony from Miracle Explosion

Thank you sir, I want to say a big thank you to Jesus. I had a great encounter with Voices From Zion; what happened was that when it was given to me and I read it, I actually Love it, the title I was given was Divine Elect. When I wanted to sleep in the night, something told me to place it under my pillow which I did, in my dream that night I saw a man sitting on my son, when I woke up, It dawn on me that the seemingly nice man was an evil person. During come and hear his voice special MIRACLE EXPLOSION, November 20th/2021 we were given several copies of VOICES FROM ZION to read and share and I took it home. Some days after I became ill that I couldn’t get out of bed, my husband came to woke me up but I was so light, just that I am a kind of person that I hadly fall sick but if I should fall sick once then I must get admitted in the hospital…but I simply took one of the bulletin and stuck it in my body underneath my dress as the Spirit of God directed me, it was there the whole day. All of a sudden all ailments, pain and aches left me without being admitted into the hospital. In fact I became very agile and begin to shout God of Ayonitemi Ayodele thank you O.

Mrs T. George.


I have a testimony, last week Friday that I came to the fellowship here; I actually came to be fortified and I was really fortified by the presence of Almighty God here. There is a woman, a landlady that have been a terror to her tenants in our neighbourhood and nobody dare her because of her fetish powers but my husband went and confronted her, which sent fear alerts into my heart but I also remembered that I brought a bottle water to be blessed last Friday, which was prayed into, so I sprinkle the water around our house and there have been no evil occurrence but the main reason I’m sharing this testimony was that my daughter went and drank the blessed water without my knowledge. She do have serious menstrual pain every month she has her flow, but she had it this week normal, without any noticeable sign of discomfort and no pain after drinking the water, so I said may God’s  Holy name be praise forever. Also I was led by God to attend Come and Hear His Voice last Month December, on my way home I was sharing our bulletin. A man I knew appeared to me in the dream and was reigning curses and enchantment on me that I will be dead but I thought it was just an ordinary dream, days later I fell ill and barely breathe there and then it occurs to me that, that was the reason I attended Come and hear His Voice, so I begin to pray and the God that I have served here. Brought me out of it, after attending Fellowship on Friday and I was prayed for, the man that appeared to me fell ill literally and nearly died, then I knew that people might look innocent but devilish. All Glory to God.   

Mrs T George.

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