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1.            Let me give you his oriki first; Ayonitemi Ayodele, omo oloju rogodo bi ina oko olori gbeske, omo to ngba tegun transformer nigba ti ina wa, omo to soda titi laiwo titi nigba ti trailer Dangote n koja, koni fe ba moto e je. (you too you smile)  His teaching was so interesting and make sense. He makes people to repent through his teaching. I Love the way he teaches. When he told us to fast for 21days though mine wasn’t complete but one of the lesson day during fasting, he said we will receive unexpected alert and we prayed it, that day we haven’t eaten at home because of money and my mother receive alerts of N5,000.00 and thank God for what uncle Ayonitemi said. Yetunde Edjave.
2.      God has used him for my spiritual and physical wellbeing. His biblical teaching were  superb and life changing. He have the talent to explore(activate) good thing in people. Actually the devil tried to deceived me out of the training when 21days fasting was announced but I overcame it, and God used the fasting and prayers to open doors of grace and mercy unto me and my family. I thank God for AZCT.
Emmanuel Adekoya  
3.               God has used Uncle Ayonitemi Ayodele for me in so many areas, covering personal and family. Things I’ve been expecting just begin to happen suddenly.  The teaching of Voices From Zion titled ‘Jesus can Do it’ preached by uncle Ayo actually boost my faith and I have been living by faith ever since. One of my profound testimony was when Uncle Ayo said we should give everything we have even if the money did not belong to  us , So I did since I believe that Jesus can do it and he truly did it as my cousin gave me 5500 in my grandma’s place, i was so surprise as I did not know what to say. Adeoye Elizabeth
4.               I learnt that answered prayers can be through a process or God can say  NO. After the teaching i began to approach prayers as a failure proof instrument of success that can’t fail.  After a Saturday’s Seminar that we prayed AZCT OVERCOMER POWERHOUSE PRAYER; saying the devil shall not score a goal against all participants and crew of AZCT computer training. After i got home that very day my mum told to go and barb my hair and I went and when return I went into the barthroom to bathe, as i was coming out i slip and instead of hitting my head it was my neck that hit the zinc, and was not that painful; it was as if someone protected my head, then i remember the prayer point. Secondly I took ill for four days I couldn’t come for the training because i was on drug but I decided to come this faithful Tuesday during fasting and Uncle Ayo told us to place our hands wherever is paining us and I place my hand on my chest, surprising as he declares prophetically and told us to shout 21halleluyah the pain vanish and I was became healed. Finally During this AZCT OVERCOMER training I gave my Life to Christ and since that day my life changed for the better, my expectations began to come to pass, my faith began to rise. The things I do before I do them no more. I felt that most of the blessings my family are enjoying now is connected to this training because I’ am an OVERCOMER. Daniel Williams
5.      No doubt, the Lord is good and he has immensely used uncle Ayonitemi popularly called Ayonimyte to be a blessing to me personally, not only in the computer training which is the primary reason for first contact unknown to me Ayonimyte is full of grace of God, and highly anointed word ministry. Hence, this is an additional and it’s not ordinary thing. It makes the class spiritual and interesting. The Grace upon his life cannot be mocked. His biblical teaching is so rich and deep. He’s a man truely seek the face of God before he comes to the class; and when he opens his mouth in any topic he prepares for the class, you see a man versatile and deep loaded in the word of God which he shares with great dexterity. the God Spirit in him cannot but convince the ardent listeners that the word of Good is real amd working. God has used him to ake me see dynamic potential of His word in great dimensions. Am really in Love with his style. He’s a man you meet and not want to part with, full of lively jokes and still carry live imparting grace-I see in Uncle Ayonimyte. Pst Oluwayomi Akintoye
6.      The teachings of Ayonitemi Ayodele have been very inspirational, it has been a good experience of fellowship. It is great tomeet one of those who have willingly obeyed God to impact other people’s live for Jesus. Also it’s been quite sometimes since I did a long fast of 21days (I’ve regularly done twice a week) but this experience has opened me up again. As a matter of fact the last three of the 21days were straight fast, except for water. Glory to God. Pst Oluwajinde .O
7.      I thank God Almighty for my life and that of my family also. I also thank God for giving me the privileged to participate in this training AZCT OVERCOMER computer training; it really taught me a lot of things. Actually I don’t like anything about computer when I was still going to school, I hated I.C.T, even though the teacher taught us, it was only note we do write and listen to explanation but we were not allowed on the computer systems; but joining AZCT was great. I also thank God for participating in the 21days prayer and fasting to the last day but just two days to the end of the fast I took ill and began to vomit and purging seriously then I remembered the VFZ bulletin we were given, I took it and place it on my stomach and slept off, before the next morning, I was healed, all the pain vanished. After those fasting I’ve been experiencing the mercy of God upon me and my family. Okanlawon Anuoluwapo

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