I thank God for his mighty hand upon my life, these days people use to say that they prefer my hands to do their hair for them, I’m a hairdresser I thank God for that. Also if anything want to happen in my life and family I do see it ahead of time, I give God all the glory, I also thank because I made it in my last 2021 UTME examination.   Olubukola. E

I thank God for divine provision and strength in this ongoing training (AZCT JUDGMENTS). Also some two weeks ago I was crossing the main highway at Ikeja along; I totally forgot to use the pedestrian bridge because I was rushing to catch up with something important.  I couldn’t run back  because I was in the middle of the road before I remembered the consequences. I fell into the hands of law enforcement agency and explained to them but  they refused and said that I will pay a fine of N5000.00 and if I can’t that they will move me into the black Maria. All of a sudden the boss called me and said what do I do for living and I told him that am a web developer and he said he has a website and he need someone to manage it for him, we began to talk business  and after we exchange contact he let me go free without paying a dime. From that point I knew that divine presence is real. Dami E

It been a while now that the instructor has been warning concerning a job that may land one in prison, there is this client that I failed to deliver his job at the set date but being an international and well connected man he begin to threat but I yet promised to wrap up his job and deliver it soonest(on a particular Friday). He was a hard man; I returned from fellowship and found several threat messages from him to refund his money. He said he knew that I can’t refund him his money because I’m too poor to do that. Though truly I don’t have the money but I looked up to God and he heard my voice and I was able to refund him, he became dumbfounded. I thank God for not putting me to shame.

D. Eris

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