A gaze into the word of wisdom in the book of Proverbs 21:31 The horse is prepared against the day of battle: but safety is of the Lord. 

War is never a casual thing. It isn’t a mean thing; it is a major event. Military, political, ethnical, economical, tribal, religious, national and international wars claim lives. No matter how smart and versatile you are in war front it doesn’t guaranteed you a winner. As long as it’s a war, the troops come into the battle field with their strategies and strength. It was noted in the Bible that most of the battles Israel lost was because they forsook the Lord their God. No matter your preparations, your machinery and gadgets inclusive, you can still lose out. Always have the following in mind.

  • If the Lord my God didn’t go with me; I will not return
  • If I do it in my strength and ignore divine provisions, I will fail.
  • If I believe in the instrument of war only; they can disappoint me or I’ll be dispossessed of them.
  • With my strategies and even allied forces only God guarantee safety.

Spiritual wars are worse of all battles, because it has to do with the tempter who can manipulate you to defeat. Do not put your confidence in numbers of scripture you can quote, your spiritual fathers and even group of fellow Christians. When it comes to spiritual battles let your faith be total in God. More-so if you have not truly surrendered your life to Jesus Christ and become a child of God; you are a loser of all times. Your access to God the father starts by accepting his son. He’s invincible, when he steps in the battle is won.

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