Reflection on Psalm 34:10

The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing.

Young lions are strong and they can catch their prey faster because of their strength. Yet with their strength and smartness, they often lack. The state of lacking is not having, search and finding nothing. So many are like that young lion today; they run after everything and got nothing, some got wrong things.

No man in his capacity of strength can have all good things of life and enjoyed them. Some built mansions but couldn’t find sleep; some eat delicacies but carry sicknesses about. With all the wealth they have acquired yet their major need are not met. By seeking the Lord and (not things), you get good things (your live actually needs) from Him. Even if you have acquired things that put you in tension, God Almighty can rewrite your story when you seek his face but until you are saved; you won’t have his attention. Until you become born again; you may not experience his goodness.

His hands are always opened towards you to give you good things but you have to accept Jesus Christ; He’s only begotten son. When you do, you will experience good things in all ramifications.

BIBLICAL POETS Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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