Since our Holyghost baptism prayer here in the training ‘I discovered that anything I say use to come to pass with speed. That is how I paid for my Certificate, but I said something against myself and I fell sick because I called for it with my mouth. I want to advice everyone to be careful how they use their tongue against things, others and themselves.  Emmanuel Hope

I thank God that healed me from headache that has been there for long, last week Thursday it was like my head want to fall, as our minister lay hands on me during this training, the headache vanished. It’s seven days now, it has not return. I also thank God for saving my soul and delivered me from Satan. November 2014.  Pelumi .A

While siting in the church ’where we used for one our free computer training at about 7pm, September 1 2015 fasting; my birthday’ something like cold water drops on my head and ran down my body, right there I heard a voice saying ‘Everything shall be cool from now; prior to that time I have many abandoned projects, I heard trouble of mind, marital confusion, and all kinds of trials on my path of destiny but after that day I’ve been experiencing a positive change of story, as my projects start again, all war and confusion ceased, since then I’m happy every moment.

Also I use to have aerophobia; I can’t sit at the front in a vehicle without fear which makes me to run from driving though I learnt it, neither can I stand on stair case of two storey building, I just have that fear which I thought it’s normal until God visited me and delivered me from it, now I can drive and stand on any staircase of many storey building. Ayo. A

Sir I have a testimony. Since I was small (a little child), I noticed that water do ooze forth from my ankles and my wrist. I use to feel heat in both places. It’s used to be embarrassing as some people use to revile me for it. In-fact one day I went to fix my hair at hairdressing saloon, as they were fixing my hair, they were also insulting me, calling me all sorts of names, but thank God sir, during AZCT OVERCOMER it stopped. I only noticed it when I followed brother Emmanuel and Dami out to share Voices From Zion. Now no more heat and the water that usually comes out had stopped.  Thank you Jesus. Amarachi E.

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