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Is one of the blessing of this generation, unlike 50, 40, 30 yrs ago when the rich has access to a kind of mobile phone called Cellular, and the best phone then can’t show object talk-less of image or play videos, but these days information have budded; the world on your finger tips, these are my questions:

Do you go around sharing your pictures from house to house or to everyone you see or any one you like, friends get category. So I wonder why you have to be posting new pictures everyday online, infact twice a month is too much. What are you insinuating?

Do you go out and be saying anything that comes to your mind to whoever, you don’t care? It’s a foolish act and that is what many of us are doing online, posting _unverified words._

Do you just like and share everything you see around you, is that not what most of us does.

*Internet and Physical World are the same to some extent*

You may be gentle in reality and be a rascal on net; you are rascal.

You may be saint on ground and be sinner online because of what you view, liked and share.

Some one that doesn’t buy or read porn news paper that is watching porn online or he that listen to gospel and good music in his house but dance to trash he/she downloaded online, tell me, who is he?

My dear let me tell you the truth; chatting online and talking on ground is the same, sin can be committed anywhere online not excluded.

Here is my advice, you can control who viewed your post on some social networks but it’s better to choose traceable people as friends.

*The Worse Of It*
Their are some set of people that their destiny (or head) hated noise or show of. If your destiny is not in agreement with what you do whether online or on ground; it will cut short your life. w
Compute yourself, don’t eye anybody, be yourself not some one else, this is

*Computer Missionary*
_Ayonitemi Ayodele_


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