One of the vision of the designers and owners of social website is to give each one of us a voice, to be heard.

Social platform in my my own view should not really be for self announcement but a platform to GIVE what you have to the world. Sometimes ago someone from South Africa posted Psalm 139 in my FB group and God uses it to work out some miracles in my life, infact i later read that Psalm for one year. Their are quotes and wise sayings that can bail you out of some circumstances which can be gotten from some men and women’s post on social website.

Many individual don’t know the uses of Online Social platforms, it’s a known fact that human are unique with diverse gifting, talents and abilities but I just wonder if your daily snapping of yourself really help our world of today in any way, some can even snap themselves in the night dreams, and with the way things are going, you will soon see girls snapping their Virg***ia and post it online.

I don’t need your selfie(pictures) all I need is to learn something from you.

Finally you should be wise, evil is never on Holiday, they can get you through your pictures and names, your glorious destiny can be endangered via your carelessness.

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