Praise God, one of the word I Caught from come and hear his voice Holyghost Baptism was that Holyghost fire is for us and not to be use against our enemies. Holyghost fire according to Matthew 3:11-12 is to burn every chaff in us but we can engage the consuming Fire Hebrew 12:29 against the devil and his cohorts. Also during our teachings in the fellowship I received a word that really helped me; which is people will want to re-define your life according to their opinion but don’t allow it because God has already defined you in his word. Emma. A

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Halluluyah, I have been on a project in my field of profession which I need a Google approval for a pass but all they require I submitted yet they still required another thing that I couldn’t get on time, while taking my time on how to get the approval, I came over to Jesus house for sharing of VFZ, after which we pray and heard a great meeting. By Friday Morning I received an e-mail that I need not any other approval, they gave the pass and also God just opened two great doors of blessings for me. One of my longtime client said to me that we own his company together and paid money into my account. I thank God for his blessings. Erisan D
One of the word that came this month that is a great blessing to me is Don’t Struggle with God. From that day till now God has been working and I need not to struggle for things to be done. Olubukola K
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