• To be sincere and candid, Ayonitemi Ayodele’s teaching and training impact my life so much In terms of Praying, fasting and seriousness. I had lost hope of becoming computer literate but with the help of this computer training my hope is rekindled as I’ve learnt. I used to have bad (night) dreams, eating in the dreams and having sex in the dreams but during our fasting and prayer in this AZCT PROTECTOR it stopped , and since then it has not comes back. I Thank God for using this training for my salvation. AZCT training is just too amazing. I pray that AZCT instructor and crew members will succeed in all their endeavours, may God grant you the grace to continue to grow in grace and may God raise helpers from above for AZCT in Jesus name. Ase F. R
  • My Experience in AZCT PROTECTOR is a flourishing one, it makes my life feel brand new, Unexpected testimonies are just coming, I grew more in knowledge of computing to achieve my future dreams. I grew to know more in graphics, Ms-Word, Excel e.t.c and I wish to score 100% in my Exam.  Omoni-Ini Oluwa Alausa


  • I thank God for all he has done for me in the course of this computer training and for saving my life from death, It was one of the Saturdays seminar that I was hurrying but master Emmanuel Adeyemo said we must wait for the rounding up prayers before leaving yet my sister kept on calling me on phone to return back home fast, I refused but listened and obey my master. So when we finally closed, I rushed out of the training centre, beat the traffics and got home to find out that the soldiers had packed innocent people into their Black Maria, full loaded…I jumped up and shouted THANK GOD OOO. I also thank God for divine provision to purchase my handouts and certificate using my family for me Muritala Bashiru
  • I Thank God for keeping me and family alive to this moment, what I have experienced in this training is beyond imagination. The Lord upholds me through the 21days prayer and fasting. Before the fasting the instructor Ayonitemi Ayodele told us to bring fruit and he prayed on it, when I ate the fruit the pain that used to come on me whenever I sat in the class left me immediately. Secondly my Prophecy came, My master prophesy in his teaching one Tuesday and said before the end of July you will get your own system and he added a clause ‘if you believe’ and I shouted amen! When I got home that day I prayed to God and said if you are truly the God of Zion I need a computer system, to God’s glory someone gave me a computer system. The Lord also fortified me beyond my imagination, receiving blessing, and favour beyond my expectation. After that that day that the instructor said we should bring flower to the class and he prayed on it, the Lord restore total Love back to our home and we became one.  When we were told to bring our (ATM or) account number for prayers I dropped mine and my mum account number for prayers, it was a Saturday, the next day which was Sunday, one of  my siblings that have not picked our calls in a long while called and send me money and I was able to pay for my handouts. AZCT is the best training experience I have in Life.  I learnt so many things and my life never remains the same way. The life of the AZCT Crew has helped me to be among this Computer training.  Ilesanmi Rebecca  (Class Captain)
  • AZCT is a Godly program that impact knowledge on me beyond my thought. I never had computer experience but in this training am not just computer literate but perfect.  Also discover my hidden Talent, got healed of serious heart pain and got my Laptop. I actually followed a testimony shared in the class and sow a seed of N100 and I got N50,000 which I used to buy my Laptop. Isaac Odeyemi
  • I don’t use to pray personally before until I got to AZCT, everything changed. I’m imparted in many areas where I was supposed to be disgraced. AZCT has been so caring; they treated us like their family member, the crew did their best in helping us. They trained us to understand and allowed us to do it ourselves. In-fact the instructor does not tolerate unserious student. My Experience in AZCT is an unforgettable one, we are just one big family, no fight no quarrelling, the instructor want everyone to be great. Ibrahim Opeyemi.
  • I want this AZCT computer training to continue again and again, It’s very funny, it teaches computer and the fear of God. God has used Ayonitemi Ayodele for me through his teaching; I have been collecting money everyday. Adebeye Deborah
  • During the fasting and Prayer in This AZCT PROTECTOR the blessings of God flowed in my life and family. My father got a good well packaged job. My mother’s salary has not being paid but people begin to dash her money. I thought I won’t be able to catch up but The Lord used the instructor for me, I saw that the Lord is with him; through him I got knowledge wisdom and understanding. I experienced God’s love for me in this computer training. May the Good lord bless the instructor Ayonitemi Ayodele for us in Jesus name Taiwo Nifemi
  • Via this Computer training God has done so many things in my Life, my little sister and parents, God have done great things. I realised that whenever I asked for things that are needed in my life, they give it to me immediately. At times I will be wondering what’s happening, I never knew that God is doing a perfect miracles in my life and parent’s life. To be sincere God is everything to me now, it’s a wonderful God and if not for our beloved uncle Ayonitemi Ayodele he has done a great job because it’s a great opportunity meeting him, he really tried for us, kudos to Brodami (my Brother), he’s so hard working. Many of us wanted to be like him but we don’t just have the grace yet, he’s not up, not down but at the middle. If he has been going to a seer, herbalist or a pastor to set people free from problems we would have not gotten this kind of perfect healing from sickness, body pain, deliverances and so on. God used him for me and I will never forget him when we meet another time not as dead person. My experience was wonderful and interesting. I really enjoyed it. AZCT is the best. Olaiya Favour
  • God has used Ayonitemi Ayodele in so many ways which I thank God for and it goes thus: I never believed I will go for any computer training but thanks to God AZCT brought this training to our vicinity which makes me one of the graduating students today. His preaching really sow a good seed in my life especially the one titled: ‘YOUR TITHE and YOU’ that word of God really touched me, though I used to pay my Tithe before but am a thief at times because I don’t really take it serious but now God has through the instructor Ayonitemi Ayodele preaching change my life. Am now becoming a good Christian in many ways; I do fast and pray fervently now and my faith is strong in God. I have changed greatly in my attitude and character to good ways through his advice in the class.  More so my testimony is countless but I will share some with you. I had lost hope that I will be among the WAEC candidate this year because to pay for the fee was difficult for my parents, but thanks to God who opened the heaven of mercy for me, he sent me helper that promised to sponsor all my education till I graduate in higher institution. He promised that my admission to high institution will be stress free and he’s already fulfilling it. I was counted worthy by God among so many others to lead the class as their class captain; I thank God for this grace in my life. As we fast and pray in this AZCT PROTECTOR I got financial breakthrough and he saw me and family through difficulties and challenges. I thank Master Jesus for that. AZCT is a blessed and wonderful one, its God created and I thank God that the instructor himself do hear the voice of the Lord and obey it. AZCT is also a spiritual team which is full of men of God. AZCT is one of the experiences I have rarely had and seen. They are very kind and caring AZCT is Christ Made Team. Tolulope Oluwafoise  (Class Captain)
  • When we were fasting and praying in this AZCT PROTECTOR God did wonderful things in my family, one spirit use to enter my dad and I used to be very sad about it because whenever he comes back from wherever drunk, he will begin to fight my mother and I prayed about it and the Holy Spirit said to me go and tell your dad to stop, so I went I told him to stop and I continue in my prayer for my family and to my surprise he stopped quarrelling with my mum, even my sister was full of surprised. I give God all the glory for answering my prayer. Ayonimyte Zion Computer Training (AZCT) is my second family. God has been using them to fight my battle. God will continue to give Uncle Ayonitemi Ayodele power to teach in Jesus name. Esedeke. S
  • In this AZCT PROTECTOR God deliver me from every evil and wicked spirit out of my life. During our fasting here, one of that Saturday my mother sent me an errand and she said I should be very fast about it, while crossing the road with other persons a car failed break and hit two people beside me, they were women, one died instantly and the other was a pregnant woman rushed to the hospital but I just wondered why the car didn’t hit me ‘PROTECTOR God is with me’ how the vehicle left my side to them I can’t tell. When I got back to my mum’s shop and she noticed how I was breathing I told her all that happened. Also AZCT has brought peace and happiness back to my life and family. I pray that any thing you laid your hands upon shall prosper In Jesus name. Nnamdi Blessing
  • Uncle Ayonitemi Ayodele Omo Afi ponponlo yoju eja je is a spiritual person that is strong in faith. To me is like a role model to me, a person that people should emulate in behaviour. He has helped me in my spiritual life and academic life. He’s just a great person. He made me discovered myself. I remembered when we pray for miracle money on a Saturday and I got the money the following day Sunday; I was amazed. Before this computer training got started my mum needed some money to start another business but the person that promised her never helped her but as we prayed in this training the person came back and helped her, she has started the business. AZCT is a great and wonderful ministry that helped people spiritually, technologically and academically. I felt like this program shouldn’t stop. I don’t want us to leave each of them. I pray that this ministry will go round the world in Jesus name. Olabisi Samuel
  • I couldn’t believe I am still the one now because I knew myself. Now so devoted and more faithful to God because of the instructor’s Ayonitemi Ayodele’s preaching which have sown a great seed in me that I won’t forget. There were lots of keys in his words for instance he said you can create your own world wherever you are, you can make your money legally with your area of expertise. The Anointing on him stands out; he’s truly a man of God not after anything of the world, of the flesh but for a person’s success.  God did so many things for me in this AZCT PROTECTOR the WAEC payment that was cancelled came up again and I was able to register and wrote it as an answer to my prayer request here. Also people I never expected can favour me were just showering favour on me. I was an Asthmatic patient but since when I joined this AZCT PROTECTOR I notice I could breathe freely even when I am in a smoky and dusty area. AZCT is just a God sent to us. Because I can say that this came at the proper time, the program which made me to know that each person is created for a particular purpose, born to succeed. They treated us with utmost Love without collecting a dime from us. AZCT team is a group of people with holiness Godliness, orderliness, everything about them is directed by the Holy Spirit. As I don’t really want this AZCT PROTECTOR to end because I’m enjoying every bit of it. My Experience in this training is wow! It’s both the combination of God’s presence and lectures. I enjoyed the fun when our Instructor is joking.  Oluwafoise Ololade


Dear Sir/Ma…………………………………………………………………………………………………..

This is to inform all parents/guardian that AZCT PROTECTOR GRADUATION DATE AND LOCATION HAS BEEN CHANGED. The new date is SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 26TH/ 2020 All Graduating Participants must pay all dues and be celebrated from home. Please note that all our Lecture, rehearsal and practices rounds up this Thursday 17th/2020. All our participants will be coming to the Lagos centre for their Graduation.  6, Awonusi Str AIT road Kola Bus Stop Alagbado Lagos. Program Start by 10am.  

Please note that, It’s going to be an Historical Event. This are the Outline programs For the Event.

Examination Result: Will be pasted on Tuesday 22nd/September/ 2020

General Rehearsals and Practices: Rounds up in Anisere Sango Training Centre This Thursday 17th/September/ 2020

Late Submission Of Examination For the eleventh Hour Students: Should be Forwarded to the class Captain.

Payment For Graduation Ankara Cloth: Pay to the committee

Final Meeting Before Graduation: Every student should meet together on 22nd/24th (Tuesday and Thursday) September 2020 for final preparation and departure for graduation. Lagos Centre meets in training Centre while Sango Anisere Centre meets at Designated Place.

Notice For Sango Anisere Centrea;

All Students meet together at Blessing Adepoju’s House. Call The Class Captain or the Instructor more information.

Late Certificate Payment: Pay to this Bank Account:

2791259028 (Ayonitemi Ayodele O) Ecobank

Notice: Everyone paying to the bank account should also call the instructor to confirm his/her payment (Tel: 08035014557)

Call 08035014557

Ayonitemi Ayodele


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