And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high. Luke 24:49

There are tough issues that determination, strong decision and exertion of the mind can’t handle. There are issues that are simply beyond human. This situation shows how much we needed the Holyghost. Humanly speaking there are issues psychology, philosophy of man, or any medication can’t handle, which is one major reason Jesus said …until ye be endued with power from on high. Except their is an invasion of higher powers, you won’t be free from some personal problems. Let’s view few of them;

  1. Immoral: Self destructive act, socially unaccepted act, right mind deficiency act. Absent minded act, publicly known wrong act which has defiled all forms of advice and resisted all forms of corrections.

Their are men and women that had been  imprisoned and yet returned unchanged, some even got worse because dealing with immoral act is beyond man. Many are dying of hard drugs and smoking (cigarette) yet so many others still indulge themselves in hard-drugs and smoking. Some are never satisfied sexually no matter the medical prescription they are getting worse. There are girls and young men that in their teen age and twenties are meeting sexually with several opposite sexes while some even practice inordinate sex and same sex’s sex. You need to be free. Immoral act is controlled by the spirit of the flesh and makes it impossible for the victims to free themselves. Some individual had stopped seeking for freedom from immorality because their efforts to be free had failed too many times. Immoral act can lead to early grave, change of characteristics from good to bad and from bad to worse. Immoral act can be transferred to ones seed and becomes everyone’s problem in that lineage. Immoral act is contagious and can affect everyone closely related to the practitioner. It has capacity of reducing a man to an animal in characteristics because accepting immoral act by a defiled conscience will form a believe that will tie you down. Immoral acts can as well be transferred spiritually via romantic contacts such as hugging, kisses or even laying on of hands, and from one carrier it can be transferred to so many others. The following scriptures will be found relevant in this context: Romans 1:17-25, Revelation 21:8  

  • Ancestral Curses: They are very strong problems that it will take power from on high to travel back to our source and removed it and destroyed it. Some highly enchanted devilish human had done some certain things that have became a stumbling block to their children which many of their seed had died in it and many have come to accept it as fate.

Ancestral curses has power to enforce what happens in your life and your experiences. There are men and women that must do some certain things that are not right before they can be live well. I heard of a family that must drink their own urine every morning and when one of the girls in the family find her way to the university she stopped drinking urine because of shame; she collapsed and no medical assistance could help out, the father comes-in and gave her urine to drink, immediately she resuscitated. Ancestral curses can be the reason behind turbulence in child bearing, marital crisis, what must be done and things to avoid, the idol the whole family must not cease to worship and so on. It’s a terrible problem that will take only POWER FROM HIGH to destroyed. Some religious men and women had fallen a victim, thinking that ancestral curses will not have a foothold on their live because of their believe, wheras if it’s destroyed there will be a sign. Genesis 9:25, Exodus 20:3-4 1Samuel 5:1-4.

  • Spiritual Weakness: Is a major problem of most Christians today. You and I need to be empowered and stayed refreshed always. We need to keep tapping into the power from on high. So that the wicked will be far from us. Your closeness to the devil will surely spell your end. Some are worse that they can’t remember when last they have fellowship with God. You need to pray for power on high for days in waiting, fasting for power because spiritual weakness will cause a lot of loses and delay. Men and women that fear you may zoom on you to destroy you. Your spiritual alertness put fire around you and silences the wicked in your surroundings. What most Christians need is to connect to Holy Spirit for refreshing.


Until power comes the immoral act will keep prevailing; the ancestral curses and spiritual weakness will continue. One thing you need to always remind yourself is that you can’t help yourselves and no man can help you out. When the power flows you will be delivered wholesale. When a man is endued with power from on high then the works of sin and flesh problems will give up instantly.

You need power from on high to break Spiritual Chain. 

Be blessed.

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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