Hebrew 9:1-6

The heart of woman is like a candle-stick and can be lighted-up by any man with the right word of Love. Normally any woman will be moved by the expression of Love and words of Love but the woman may later changed if the word is not the one for her or not coming from a genuine heart.


  1. Money: can never keep a woman forever with you, no matter how much you spend for a her (it can’t meet her real need) it can’t light up her heart. Even if the money did not finish the Love will soon be out.
  2. Fame:can’t keep a woman with you for life, I tell you! It can’t keep her with you because at the long run, she’s going to have a lot of rivals as others will also fall for your fame.
  3. Status:your status can get you a woman especially the covetous one but may not get you the right woman, true Love from a woman’s heart has nothing to do with the family you come from or the kind of job you are doing, you may even be a multibillionaire man- it’s of no use. What will keep any woman joyful and relaxed with you for life is lighting up her heart with the right WORDS.
  4. Force and Deceit:A woman cannot Love you by force, if she is forced or fall into your trap later she will deserts you, because her internal needs are not met. Force and Deceit is a very devastating way of getting a woman to Love you, it may cost you your LIFE. If she finds someone else that light up her heart; she’s going to be more than ready to give-in. I believed Portiphar married his wife by force or deceit or any of the above listed options, when the candle of her heart was lighted by a slave (Joseph) She was ready to do anything, Genesis 39.

Every woman doesn’t think or reason alike, they have individual differences. If a woman fall for your money, fame, status or you got her by force or deceit; you don’t have a relationship.


General word of Love:

can be employ, telling her how beautiful she is, liking her to good and beautiful things, presenting her a sweet write ups, composing lovely poem for her are general word of Love but it may sprang up a competition because you can’t tell what another man is telling her.  That’s why you need to engage a

Special word of Love:

I heard of a woman shared a testimony about what got her hooked to her husband with all they went through in their marital relationship, was what the man said to her the first day he approached her, the man simply said ‘I LOVE YOU, WILL YOU LIKE TO MARRY ME’ that’s all! Their marriage is over thirty years old blessed with good children.

There is a special word for that girl because what got woman ‘A’ may be meaningless to woman ‘B’. In-fact  some women will even tell you something like ‘WHICH WORD OF LOVE HAVE WE NOT HEARD’ that’s why you need quietness, deep thought and with the help of Holy Spirit; you will find the right  WORD to catch and light up the heart of that particular woman.

This is the secrets of a relationship that stands the test of time.

Be blessed

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