What I want to share with you had caused some people their wife, some their children in-fact some threw their destiny away through it. You need to know that Addiction to anything is greed in display; more so many are being tied down because they have focused their entire life on just one direction without minding other responsibility.

So many children of the business icon out there don’t have a good relationship with their father. It’s very wrong to be marry to just your Job and leave other responsibility. Am directing my words to


  1. It’s wrong ambition for you to be over devoted to your computer system at the expense of your spirituality and worship.
  2. It’s very wrong for you to transfer your role as a family head to your wife because you are too busy with your computer jobs.
  3. It’s very wrong to look at life from technology perspective only.
  4. Creating programs and packages that draws people from the raw gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ will populate hell fire; and you will be query by God.
  5. Some are so addicted to technological devices that even right before God (during Church Service) they are on their device pressing, calling or even chatting.

A Short Notes:

It’s good to set order into our lives; it will make you function better and be relevant all-round. It’s common for computer users after closing in the office, they do continued the job in their room with their Laptop, and their wife will wondered what kind of man they are and the children also wonder if the man is really their father.

Enjoy your life to the fullest, Serve God almighty with all your heart, the truth is that you will never move an inch above God’s limit for your life, so why not take it easy and do not let technology over rule your life. Listen! If the Bible you are reading is on internet or an App; you don’t have a Bible yet! If the girl you are dating is online and you have never met; you don’t have a wife yet! If all your business is only on computer and on internet; ha! Emptiness ahead!

Reorder your life, less God lay a curse on your hand-work.

Thanks for your time,

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