Exodus 2:16-21, 3:1

Jethro was a priest and have seven daughters. Moses was a fugitive, wanderer, murderer that has death sentence hanging on him. Ex 2:14-22

Jethro sent his daughters to fetch water. The herds’ men came to disturb the girls but Moses intervenes and fetches enough water for them. Jethro ask his daughters How is it that ye are come so soon to day?  they responded An Egyptian delivered us out of the hand of the shepherds, and also drew water enough for us, and watered the flock. ( An Egyptian helped us.) Who was that Egyptian Moses! Jethro Housed Moses gave him Ziporah his daughter and enhanced him in business. Jethro is a kind of Father In-law that any missionary or wanderer will like to have.

Moses Case File: He was a stranger in median, no relatives with him yet he was helped by Jethro. What Jethro did  in the life of Moses was beyond what Moses could comprehend as it was unexpected, not prayed, just while he was wondering how to survived in median he was favoured. This is also a prove that God knows our major needs though we might not be praying for it, as long as we are good and positive to life; we will be marvellously helped and inherit some free benefits without praying for them. Moses was a stranger yet the priest of median housed him, hand over his family business to him and gave him Ziporah his daughter to marry; so a stranger became a manager, an in-law, and a householder. Though spiritual people around might have seen death woven around the neck of Moses yet Jethro stood his ground, lovingly accommodated Moses and enhanced him in business. This act is a major prove that Jethro had seen deeper into the man Moses, he knew quite alright that Moses was a God-Man on God’s assignment. It also proved that the priest Jethro had seen the future which Moses is yet to see and he sown a seed (of his daughter) into the life of Moses to be part of his greatness(Submission Mine) It’s good to note that ay man can be great by

  1. Being ordained of God Almighty.
  2. Doing good and being truthful always can earn you greatness.
  3. By sowing seed into the life of would be (or the) great as the Lord might have revealed to you.

*The Great: Any man that will be very great such as Joseph, Moses, David and Others including our Lord Jesus Christ will suffer similar problems. All above mention names are all tied to death and have death woven around their neck yet they fulfilled destiny and died at God’s set time. Moses died 120years old. Deuteronomy 34:7-8 so every would be great men have death pursuing them yet they cannot be killed because God’s hand is upon them. No matter what happened to them, they will surely survive and fulfilled destiny.

*Moses and His Father In-Law Friendship:

Ex 18:6-9

The above scripture shows sweet and hearty relationship between Moses and his Father In-law. They rejoiced eat and have good conversation together. Firstly Jethro came in to the life of Moses by showing appreciation when Moses helped his daughters at the well. He continued to be a helper to Moses and ended becoming Moses’ Mentor. Jethro also became a name to be reckoned with because of his act of kindness and Love towards Moses. It’s also good to know that one of the major reasons Jethro allow Moses in his life was that he found friendship and help in Moses, possibly may be there are no males in the house of Jethro. So on the other hand Jethro received Moses as a likeminded and helping fellow, which means whenever we find help of the sort we required; we should go for(accommodate)  it no matter what it will cost us.  

You Need to Pray:

  • If you are a stranger in a land and found no one (opposite sex) to marry, Pray!
  • If no family is willing to give you their daughters, Pray!
  • If you don’t find favour in the sight of your father in-law then Pray!
  • If the people you had once helped don’t link you to greater help then Pray!

Note that at some points in our life, God would always show that he’s our maker. Without your parents, relatives and countrymen you can still fulfil destiny in grand style. You can become what God ordained you to become, with God only. The calling and destiny of Moses moved God to help him. You shall be helped in Jesus name.

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