Praise the Lord God Almighty, actually Come and Hear His Voice Special; Miracle Explosion has been a mountain of Transforming words, you know that kind words you hear and you can’t free yourself from until it worked miracle in your life is what am talking about. In 2021 I was baptize into the pool of light of his word and was delivered from deadly relationship and trauma that want to end me, in 2022 in this program I was hit by several word of God which dictate how to enjoy peace all round, I tell you is working. Ayo A

Praise the Lord, I want to give glory to God for the last Come and Hear His Voice Special; Miracle Explosion because it was amazing to me. By election of grace I was one of the minister in the program and I really prepared but what amaze me was that everything I was saying was totally beyond me and not even according to my preparation, the Spirit of God just took over, and I give him all the Glory for his word and attendant miracles. Eris D

Praise the Lord, I want to say thank you to the Lord for grace to attend the last come and hear his Voice program. Actually I have not led any one to Christ before, so at the program last week, the minister hammer the word make yourself available, so I kept on hearing it within myself. I returned back to school and they announce campus invasion in the school fellowship, initially I’ve made up my mind that I won’t go but I kept on hearing, make yourself available when I couldn’t resist the voice, I enforce my friend that we go together and she followed me. That day we ended up winning two souls for Christ, I was so filled with joy in my heart. Miss Olubukola K

Come and Hear His Voice Program is a program to celebrate the power and efficacy of the written word. You are specially invited November 18th/2023. For further enquiries, please contact us.

Miracle Explosion 2023

Miracle Explosion 2023

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