For to him that is joined to all the living there is hope: for a living dog is better than a dead lion. Ecclesiastes 9:4

Everyone on earth cannot escape to heaven without passing through some tough challenges. Though challenges are to bring out the champion in us and problems are to make us a solution provider yet cases can (become or) get worse when one is lonely. If you are to suffer a particular thing for a while by divine orchestration with loneliness you may die in it or suffer it for a lifetime. Living alone for long is not encouraging. It kills after it might have cause you several years of setbacks. Therefore the gift you can give to any of your love ones that are buffeted by the plague of loneliness are

  1. To be closer to them and cheer them up.
  2. To talked them up, whether their responses makes sense or not.
  3. To get into their heart even if they are deceptive, corny, an introvert or extrovert.
  4. Invite them to party and take them out to beautiful places. You can even go to celebrate them in their own dwelling place because if a man (or any woman) is lonely for too long he may be taken up by suicidal thought and terminate his own life.

We should know that our presence with a lonely person means a lot to them and their destiny. One of the reason Individuals suffering from terminal ailments dies on time is because of isolating them. You won’t know how important your country men are until you travelled to no man’s land. When you finds yourself in the midst of people that doesn’t understand your native language then you will understand how tough it is to do without the right men. Imagine a French Lady been woo by a Japanese guy and both of them didn’t hear each other, or an Igbo girl that fell in Love with Hausa guy, except with the use of official language their relationship will lack sweetness.


Includes the following:-

  1. It kills the Morale to do the right thing.
  2. Your internal strength fails you.
  3. Your faith to stand is weakened
  4. Your enthusiasm to do great thing is turned low, because you may dwindle to start reasoning off the right way and create self theory that will keep you in strong bondage; that can lead to death.


When a lion dies, it can no longer mingle because it’s dead. It can’t catch up with any prey anymore because, it’s gone. It can’t be feared anymore because it’s properly dead. One of the instrument the wicked devil uses against people is called loneliness. If on the other hand, you are joined to people that boost your morals and speak you up into actions; you will always lived-up to expectations.

It’s noted in the Bible that God does wondrously in Praise, so also there are things we can do to our fellow human to arouse the lion in them. Let’s look at some major categories:

  1. Husband and Wife: Once you have understood your spouse and have made up your mind for a good marriage then it is a must for you to boost the morale of your partner and bring out the lion in him/her. Some wives are sexually starved because they don’t know how to boot up the sexuality of their husband. Whereas stepping out into extra marital affair will procure God’s anger. When you fill in the gap of loneliness in your spouse, so many things will work out for both of you. To be married and still be single is devilish and senselessness. Some are married to a particular person that is later considered not fit for them; some had been forced into a marriage. Your relationship with such partner that seems not fit you may cause you a lot (in life) but if you’re totally abandoned then step out! Husband should boost the lion in their wife to succeed in every good endeavour and also whenever the husband looks back, he should see the encouraging smile of his wife.
  2. Parents and Children: Proverbs 22:6 Children can grow to become great by the seed of encouragement and care sown into their life by their parent. Great business entrepreneur, great pastors, engineers, sports stars… had walked the earth leaving indelible mark on the soil just because their parent boost their morale. A child might be interested in an unpopular adventure or be ravaged in a non-profit oriented business, this doesn’t call for discouragement from the parent and even the siblings but the idea of the child to be vetted and supported. Football and other sports that earns their players millions in hard currency started just as a game with no money reward. Parents need to come to this understanding that what most people needs to be great in life is inborn. On the other hand if you have a child or children that has gone hay-weird, don’t boost their morale into been rude or destructive.
  3. Friends and Colleagues:  we are in the world where everybody want to be the best, the first and the ruler yet it’s impossible. Take political election for instance. Millions of citizens voting and yet one will emerge as the president of the whole country. If you have a friend that can do a particular thing for the betterment of everyone than you; give your full support. If your friend is representing your company in a congress, symposium or competition don’t be envious and be free minded to support, because if you support and boost his morale for success then you will be the next to be celebrated. It is high time for friends and colleagues to start shouting ‘you can do it’ with bold face of encouragement.

Advice To The Lonely

When we fail to arouse the lion in our spouse, friends and children the living dog will take their place. Moreso when you joined yourself to all the living you will start to gain strength and though the lion in you had died, you will begin to bark at least like a dog to register your presence. Finally

Who Are the Living?

All the living refers to both saved and unsaved that has breathe in their nostril. It means that people that are endowed with grace to trigger your joy. It means joining yourselves to lively events. It’s advisable to make friends with people that have find the saviour and are clean in their dealing, Christian indeed, they are the living.  1 John 5:12 He that hath the Son hath life; and he that hath not the Son of God hath not life.

Be blessed.

 If God leaves you, no matter the number of people around you, you will still be lonely.


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