EMI AGBERE: Spirit Of Fornication

  1. It controls the body sexually towards opposite sex(es)
    2. It transfigures opposite sex’s image to suite your senses.
    3. It arrests your thinking faculty and places him/her in your imagination.
    4. It arrange coincidences, such as picking something on the ground at the same time together, staring at each other accidentally or coincidentally, mistakenly falling on each other, mistakenly pressing or hitting one another ‘s sensitive part; such as breast, manhood, thigh e.t.c
    5. It makes you feel uncomfortable until you have sex with a particular person (that you are not legally married to)
    6. Spirit of Fornication organizes scenes of errors; such as people telling you to sleep around or with a particular person to have progress.
    7. The Spirit Of Fornication makes one fall in Love with friends and acquaintances that will destroys ones destiny through sexual intercourse.
    8. The Spirit Of Fornication makes a young man blind to the necessary things of life and place sexual intercourse as a priority.
    9. It leads some folks into masturbation, wet dreams, moaning and oral sex; You’re dead!
    10. When it invades a person’s intellect, it shutdown the ability to resist deceit.
    11. The Spirit Of Fornication makes an individual unsatisfied with a partner and introduced different styles during sexual intercourse.
    12. The Spirit Of Fornication limits destiny, as most of the energy needed to make it in life would have been wasted.
    13. Spirit Of Fornication always hide behind ignorance to destroy individual or group of people but without serious fasting, continuous prayer and deadly commitment to the course of Christ; you can not be free. Even if it’s in your lineage, it can be dealt with by the Blood of Jesus.

Reverences: Hosea 4:12, 1Corinthians 6:15-20, 10:8, Genesis 35:22, Exodus 22:19, 2nd Samuel 11:1-27, 2nd Samuel 13:1-16, 22-29,

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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