It isn’t the issue of if it’s right or wrong, the main thing we should focus on is

  1. Human View: Could be cultural, traditional or just a ‘believe’. It’s good to note that most parents want their daughter to marry as a virgin, even till now they do feel proud if they have such daughter.

2.  God’s Instruction: According to Bible which we took as the authentic word of God. It’s very wrong to go into sex before marriage. When two people a man and a woman are in courtship they should abstain from sex because there may be battle God wants both of to fight and win which going into sex will forfeit their winning efforts. Their may be individual difference that God expected both of them to walk on before sex. Who knows may be there are sicknesses lurking in one of them which needed attention before sex otherwise they both  suffers it. There could be covenant, bondages and hereditary problems that must be totally destroy before sexual intercourse. Also I believe there are very many other hidden truths about sex before marriage which we may not know about until one abstain from it and get married first. Listen!

If You Abstain From Sex Before Marriage

  • Your love for each other will be pure without any sexual view in it.
  • Their will be true bonding and both parties will have confidence in themselves.
  • It will surely eradicate fear of losing each other base on sex matters because both of you honour yourself before having one another.
  • Your relationship will be a God dwelling place especially if you both pray and keep Christian religious rite.
  • You will both married as a pure bride of the Lord, off cause the blessing of God will come upon you beyond your widest imagination.

SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE is rare these days, remember what the Bible says Psalms  94:15

But judgment shall return unto righteousness: and all the upright in heart shall follow it.

You will be a leader and attract followers, no matter how worse this generation is, the truth will rule any day any time.

With this few words of wisdom God gave to me I believe you have learnt something.

(Awaits the full book)

Remain ever blessed.



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