But he answered and said, Every plant, which my heavenly Father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. Matthew 15:13

In the technology world a device is refer to as censor. Their are electronic gadgets that comes with remote control such as TV set, cars, factory machines, robots and very many other devices.  Today our world is full of so much evil that one cannot really unravel. The scripture above is not directly talking about evil substance planted in men which is controlling them. What are those things that the wicked ones use in controlling the destiny of very many others? It’s possible to be under the control of the wicked ones and not know. It’s possible to be losing and having fun in the lion’s den and not know because of the evils controlling your life. Let’s look at two of them:

  1. Wrong Believe: you can be counselled wrongly and if you don’t have enough fact or revelation about what you have being told; then you may believe and be capture in the net of wrong believe. The devil set up some certain words such as blasphemy, heresies, fables and lies to capture people even fellow Christians. Each time you follow the wrong path you will be ensnared and be controlled. You won’t believe it that the unpalatable situations some men are experiencing at work, in their marriage and in some aspects of their life are as a result of wrong believes. The net of wrong believe is so strong that generations yet unborn can be born into it; for instance someone somewhere had been deceived by the devil that he should be worshipping stone and all his descendants were born into his wrong believe. That is one of the major reason most tradition of men (and women) all over the world were based on lies. Wrong believes has its’ way of controlling destinies and dictating for people, so you have to be inquisitive and scrutinize what to believe.

It’s difficult to break the yoke of wrong believe especially when it has turned to a custom and have many victims. I won’t like to mention some lies around the world- you know them yourself! Yet somebody started it. It has been also been noted that some wrong believe comes as a result of senselessness and stupidity and some men and women are looking for followers. You may not believe it but the truth remains the truth. Christianity emanates from Christ and the only true way to communicate with God and be his own. Wrong believe has some impression on people and accompany by the spirit of fear, if you don’t do anything about it now; you may not survive the control.

What you believe you will soon behave and who you believe will control your life. As simple as lies seems to be, it can control generations.

2. Witchcraft Power: God’s verdict on witchcraft was very straight to the point. Exodus 22:18Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live. (Never let a witch live.) Necromancer, diviners, sorcerers, magicians and other workers of iniquity have the same judgement. Witchcraft power controls life out of order, there is no mercy in them except God almighty intervene you can’t be free from them. If you go to a necromancer for help Ghost will torture you, if you seek sorcerers for help even your children will suffers it. Witchcraft powers are real and are all around us, you need to be conscious of those you associate with and the hands that feed you because some are purely devil’s incarnate, blood thirsty and very wicked personality.  

You Must Be Under One Control

No man or woman, boy or girl is free on earth today; once you are not in light, you are already in outer darkness. Some are in light in one department and in darkness in so many areas of their lives. Men are not created to be self dependent or self reliance; you must be under one authority. To know under which authority you were and what took upper hand in your life: Matthew 15:13. The events in and around your life is a proof of who your masters is. Who is he that is controlling you; Satan or God? Until you combat with devil using the in-depth of the word of God loaded into you in deep understanding; you will remain under your enemy’s control!

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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