Today we want to look at who is permitted to Anoint another. Exodus 30:22-33, From the Bible we saw three kinds of Category of men that anoint another.

  1. The Priest/Prophet: Exodus 30:30
  2. The Disciple/God’s Ministers: Mark 6:7,13
  3. The Elders: James 5:13-14

So is it right for any Christian to anoint fellow Christian or non Christians?. It can be right but not safe. Obedience is better than sacrifice. The Calling into Prophet-hood or Prophet’s office makes the prophet goes beyond spell or enchantment, not prayers but the calling. Prophets are like trees where birds (others) lodge. Exodus 30:30

God’s Ministers/Pastors can also anoint anybody because the call of God is upon their life which also delivers from backfiring attack if they are standing right. Mark 6:7, 13. The Elders can anoint because they have served for long, the elders in the old(church) are those that have served in the apostolic office not just church administration; ‘so!’ they can anoint. James 5:13-14 If ordinary Christian anoint another, there are tendencies that the evil on that person may fire back at him or her, and he/she may not survived it because he has no call for defence.

It’s better for you to invite a man of God to anoint your sick ones than for you to do it yourself. True!

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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