• Most Of The Gifted People Dies Mysteriously When They Dip their Hands Into Evil or Partnered With The Devil.
  • FAITH connect you to heaven’s resources.
  • Most of the sexy fine girls you admire has challenges and most of the cute rich guys you likes have hidden ugliness.
  • You enjoy divine speed in patience.
  • Both the viewer of porn(sex movies) and those in the act are arrested by the same spirit. 
  • Christian Fathers are not deity we appease with sacrifice or little baby we silence with gift items; (they are God’s mouth piece and carrier Of special Grace we can tap into)
  • Celebrities are different from stars.People may be celebrating you for leading them to hell but STARS are solution carriers (to the problem of this age)
  • Church (Christian Congregation) is not a place to look for wife, it’s a place seek for God.
  • Prophet’s Mantle is one to one not one to many. (IIKing 2:11-15, Act 19:11-12)
  • Any Pastor proffering Solutions to Sinners without Salvation, is a Commercial Pastor.
  • Sexual Pleasure and Anointing may not flow from the same vessel (person) to you, Be Wise.
  • Beware of organisations, firms, business ventures and even some religious forum that will train you to their gain only but to your detriment.
  • In Yoruba Land; If you don’t lived to fulfilled the dreams of your people they will call you Oloriburuku (Bad Headed)
  • Sin is not your fault yet Righteousness is your responsibility.
  • If the Dream is from the Lord; it will fulfilled itself.
  • If you are INCREASE and ABUNDANCE Crazy; you will lie and allowed all kinds of unrighteousness.
  • Any leader that refused to carry his people along and be ready to be fair and loving will be frustrated (by some of his people).
  • Don’t give your heart to women, they are good at home management but poor at heart managements.
  • Prayer generate great things but Fasting generate mighty things Jeremiah 33:3
  • Your God given wisdom will always create a space for you anywhere!
  • You can only lead yourself down.
  • Divine secrets are not revealed to those that search for it but those that walk with God.
  • If people continue to leave you; it’s because you are wicked or foolish.
  • Judgment has been passed already, what you do determine what you get.
  • PRAISE is the anointing passage. If you are moody and sorrowful Anointing/Grace won’t flow
  • Lust also speak but her voice is addictive.
  • When your Faith ends; God takes Over.
  • You have problems with women because you don’t know them.
  • Death is not like travelling abroad; Fight to Live.
  • There are no exaggerations in the Bible.
  • Money also speaks, the voice of money mislead.
  • Okunrin tio nishina, kole ni Iyawo. Any man that does not have sexual feelings cannot have a wife. AyonimyteZion
  • Testimony(Miracle act of God) Glorify God and promote man(whom God uses)
  • Their could be small boys but their are no small girls anywhere in the world. Be Wise
  • Ko si eniti onse Oogun ti ki pada wa kabamo(Yoruba). No one uses devilish powers without regretting it later.
  • The best boss you can ever have is God.
  • Traders! It is better to sell at high price than to cheat people.
  • Repentance can be too late Matthew 27:1-5
  • The devil works through the minds of (weak) people to wreck great havoc even your siblings can be hijacked by the devil for your total destruction.
  • Every Pastor must be stronger than their congregation.
  • If you get back the exact money or gift you offer unto God, then your offering is rejected Luke 6:38
  • Anger is a spirit, until you are free from it; you won’t know how stupid you are.
  • Serving brings into power.
  • If you pick up the gospel as your primary assignment, you will become God’s Principal Agent.
  • Adopting Children is not a good idea or practice for those waiting for their own biological children (except by divine guide or you have concrete reasons for it) Be wise.
  • Biblical testimony is the most authentic testimony.
  • If a (just man) pure Christian brother marry a lady that is not a virgin; it’s an expression of Love but if the lady remain unfaithful, let her go.
  • Behind every divine provision is God’s invisible hand.
  • Some Guys Can’t toast ladies without Lying.
  • The devil mostly rides on peoples mistakes and indiscipline (To bring them into problems)
  • If you enter marital relationship for ten years and it doesn’t end in marriage, the devil had wasted your time.
  • Stealing is stealing and carries the same consequences whether online or on-ground.
  • Don’t depend on any person or group of people for prayers because you may be surprised (shocked) to find them sleeping at the time they said they always pray for you.
  • If you FALL physically, you may sustain injury; but if you FALL spiritually then you lose destiny.
  • If you spend too much time online (on internet); you will see what you should not see.
  • If any Lady is waiting for you to make it before she agrees to your proposal; DON’T MARRY HER!
  • If you can get people’s attention towards GOD then the FIRE will fall.
  • If you get a precious thing too easily then watch it less it be a snare.
  • Leave the changing (Transformation) of people (or any person) to God but if you think you can change anybody by harsh words or by force, you may have yourself to blame.
  • It’s better for a lady to say NO emphatically to a man’s proposal than to say YES deceitfully.
  • When you travel by road; you may forget, but if you travel by air; you can never forget because every flight is an experience.
  • NEED and WANTS are different. Your wants can be gotten/supply by your earnings but only God can meet your NEED.
  • Their is SENIORITY in CHRISTIANITY mainly determined by Long-Time standing RIGHT (in the Lord)
  • Read the Bible yourself because if you depend solely on preachers for Bible knowledge, you may be confused or misled as they may mistakenly (at-times) replace David with Joseph and Elisha for Elijah in their explanation of the word.
  • Whenever God moved in the midst of sinners is to save or to destroy them but whenever God moved in the midst of saints; is to deliver and to grant them rest.
  • To convert any man or woman from any other religion to CHRISTIANITY; It will take the TRUTH but to convert any Christian to other religion; it will take lies and deceit.
  • This is the JESUS that heal all: ‘THE BIBLE’
  • If you SUCCEED it’s a Problem. If you don’t SUCCEED it is a Problem.
  • Epilepsy and Masturbation are controlled by the same Unclean Spirit.
  • Spirit Husband and Spirit Wife are manipulation of Hell to shortened the days of many and drag them to HELL-FIRE. It’s mostly caused by spiritual Laxity (laziness). Holyghost filled vessels don’t suffers it.
  • Whenever you help someone that can not PAY-YOU-BACK, What you get back is BLESSINGS.
  • A Pastor that doesn’t (pay) TITHE will tax people.
  • Most of the Lazy people in the family are the headache, heart-ache and brain tumour of the family.
  • Desire it but Don’t Acquire it, until God Released it to you.
  • Your suffering can be as a result of Prayerlessness.
  • RESTORATION IS NOT EASY: Try as much as possible not to lose the good people(things and opportunity) you have now, because if you dare lose them; regaining the exact things back may not be easy or will be impossible.
  • If you refuse to FIGHT-BACK with your mouth and hands, your HEAD will fight.
  • Church Choir should be made up of the VIRGINS and the MARRIED.
  • IF you talk for one hour without referring to the BIBLE(the word of God) you had spoken rubbish.
  • If you ‘tell’ people to sit down in a party, it’s because their is food (Especially in Africa)
  • Never make anybody (man or woman) no matter how HOLY and well behaved they are your role model in HOLINESS and good character; because you may be tempted to draw back when you are disappointed. Make Jesus your Only Role Model in Holiness and good character.
  • Most strong women are very weak emotionally.
  • LIVING; worth fighting for.
  • Humility and Gentility deflates pride.
  • Your weak-point is devil’s strong point. Be wise
  • People can tenderly lie to you; in-fact, you will think they are saying the truth.
  • Both parents should be LOVED but your FATHER is more important than the mother?
  • Until it is not an issue with you; It does not become an ISSUE with God.
  • If you are looking for job, God is looking for workers.
  • All that the devil needs from you is your heart and All that God need from you is your heart?; Who Will you give it to?
  • Blessings unfold in phases so also is curses, any good thing you do attract blessing while every offence attract curses.
  • Defilement destroys virtues.
  • Harlotry erodes beauty. Begging erodes beauty.
  • At times, if the Love between the married (couple) is not genuine or absolute, they may suffer barrenness, failures and abortion of good things.
  • Miracle is an Expression of God’s Love(for humanity)
  • A change will take a second. Rapture of saints will take a second.
  • Every unbeliever is a suspect.
  • Miracle is normal to the godly.
  • Until you spent 10yrs in marriage without regret, then you don’t have a say (in marital issues). (except it’s divine)
  • If you honour the Lord with your time, He will extends your time(on earth)
  • What makes fasting answered is the pain bared. Matthew 6:17-18. What makes sacrifice to answer is the cost. 2nd Samuel 24:24-25. What makes tithing answered is obedience. Malachi 3:10-12
  • There is no WOMAN that will want her husbands to take-in another wife except a witch looking for who to donate. be wise
  • Every Kingdom(Christian) Star is a target of the Devil. Every worldly star is a meat for the devil.
  • Any Christian Brother that has a good WIFE should lead a quiet life less he fall into the hand of strange women.
  • The only humility a goat needs in front of a Lion is to run for her dear life.
  • If you say I LOVE YOUto an Ogbanje; she will report you. If you say it to a witch she will bewitch you, If you say it to daughter of Zion, She will pray about it.
  • Their are two kind of followers, people who followed you because they could see their future in you and those who followed you because of what you have or your status in the society. The disciples of Jesus followed him because they could see their future in him. Matthew 4:18-25
  • MEN: If God gives you a poor woman to marry; it’s so you can invest into her life and God will reward you for it.!!!
  • Your strength determined your respect, until you break the Devil’s leg, he won’t respect you. Act 19:14-17
  • Discipline is the key to chaste and charming life.
  • Every conversation with the Devils reduces Grace.
  • When you take the truth as trash then you are doomed.
  • If you failed is because you don’t have Jesus.
  • Don’t demand for respect, earn it.
  • The difference between a WOMAN and a GIRL is age and experience while The Difference in between a MAN and a BOY is responsibility (and ability to handle tough situation wisely)
  • When your enemies failed at you; they will seek your quarrel, but when they succeed against you’ they will be your best friend.


For ye know the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that, though he was rich, yet for your sakes he became poor, that ye through his poverty might be rich. 2Corinthians 8:9

Every cash and kinds you honoured the Lord with in this ministry, it’s put back in Jesus bag and multiply back to you. We engage in printing gospel tracks, organizing free computer training for saints in churches and helping people to achieve their good(God’s kingdom) goals. It’s not begging but an open avenue for your lifting. be blessed.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7
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