Your computer knowledge will depreciate(with time) without you putting it to use either by working some-where or buying your own computer system.

Sometimes Last year June while we closed from Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship on Friday, as i was going home a young lady met me on the way with her mother, she knelt down to greet me and the mother also bending. This lady said i was one of your student in 2012 though i was very little that time if you remembered me? (then i remembered her) she said i now run a computer centre alongside with my mum; It makes my day! i was happy to hear that. She further told me how she continued in computer knowledge without having to pay anywhere else, she is sponsoring herself in school and her aged mum is her first employee.

So please don’t sleep with what you have learnt in AZCT, work with it, make good money with it, sponsor yourself and lean on God for promotion.

You can make it and become better (or richer) than those ahead of you, life can be fairer than this for you; just put the knowledge to use. You should be ashamed of yourself if you are 18yrs old and above and all you have is people(siblings and friends) giving them to you, break out from the chain! The girl in the story above is still a teen-ager. Egwuenu Chinwe Blessing in the picture is a big computer student girl, The Balogun leyin Obirin Young Gafar David also does well, you will also do well in life. Do you know why i’m saying all these: I LOVE YOU.

Your one time teacher Ayonitemi Ayodele (Uncle Ayonimyte)

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