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Psalm 45: 1-2, 9-10 You are welcome to this palace of rare knowledge.

Our Girls I want you to consider the following points before you step into sexual intercourse: How will you feel when he later dropped you for another after he has had you. Is their anything more Secrecy than sex in between a man and a woman? Are you sure this hot love will be sustained after sex? What about if there are side effects for medication. Can you boast that you are Ripe for marriage? Are you sure he will not tell his friends about it. If while doing it, something unexpected happened and one of you died. There are more many other dangerous reasons why women have to wait for marriage before going to the bed uncovered. When men spoil you, they will drop you for better girls, more so there are points to consider, if you want to go into dating a young man. 1. Please date someone that will help you not hurt you. 2. Date someone that will labour for your spiritual growth, if you want to make heaven. One worldly man is enough to scatter all the great virtues God had place inside you. A Godly man will help you to (enhance it) be useful in the hand of God.

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