Striking Statements 

  1. The best of Spouse is a man or a woman that is God dependant. Most women haven’t left home; they mostly stayed tied to their parents, sibling and even friends. Some of such ladies will also try to bring their husband ‘to be’ down to this circle. So if you found a young lady or a woman that is ready for marriage and have left home in her heart, and she totally believe in God and herself, they form a good wife and the best woman any godly man can find.
  2. You tap into earthly wisdom by from earthly things and you tap into divine wisdom by Holyghost and doing God’s things.
  3. With the wisdom of God in you; you are above magical powers, all ability of the  devils and the unsaved world. Daniel 5:11-12
  4. Most times God Almighty had answered our prayers but the answer doesn’t look like what we are actually expecting. He might whisper to  you to stop eating the meal you love most but you couldn’t take it.
  5. Joseph’s story in the Bible is an encouraging one; He was sold into slavery for having dream, he was sent to lifetime imprisonment for Fearing God but later both his dream and fear of God brought him to the palace to rule the whole nation. Genesis 37, 39, 49:1-57
  6. Holding on God by his word, creates future of reality. If you drop (off) his word then you pick up frustrations.
  7. Faith is not believing that God will do it someday, faith is living in the reality of what God is about to do. See yourself there and you will be there, If your faith says yes God cannot say no.
  8. If you abandons God (dropped him off) from your heart, He abandoned you also on the earth.
  9. Giving has to be in two if it must be acceptable by God, whatever you are giving must first leave your heart before it leaves your hand, because if it leaves your hand and doesn’t leaves your heart; you haven’t given anything.
  10. If you give your money to God, He will increase your purchasing power and If you give your materials to God; He will increase your acquiring power.
  11. Praise is most comely to God when one just lost a battle; It’s such a praise that God rides on to either cause a turnaround or stop plagues. When you give God thanks when loved one just passed(died) then the vacuum left will be filled.
  12. Things that women will forever need from their man are; a man that engages them in communication, a man that eat her food, a man that sleeps with her, a man that want to see her all the time.
  13. You can’t compare a home with children with another home without children, neither can a fulfilled life be compared with an unfulfilled one. You shall not be barren in Jesus name.
  14. Any step you take in frustration, it’s always a wrong step.
  15. When you disconnect yourself from the ungodly, then you will always be refreshed; retaining God’s power and ability within you.
  16. It’s better to have few friends that are godly than to have the whole world as your friend.
  17. Those that doesn’t taste sex until they got married, doesn’t  know what they have escaped.
  18. Those that got married first before childbearing doesn’t know what they have escaped.
  19. Those that stayed in their marriage without practicing extra marital affairs doesn’t know the magnitude of the evil they are missing
  20. Hardly would you find a fraudulent lady marries as a virgin.
  21. If your church(where you worship) is far away from you and you hardly missed service then your faith is stronger.
  22. Coming together of a man and a woman in holy matrimony is ordained by God.
  23. Giving to the poor has the capacity of raising any man from his sick bed, instead of selling properties in search of healing, give to the poor and God will heal you. Psalm 41:1-3
  24. Technology cannot take the place of God. Is there any technology to stop a failed plane in the air from crashing, any equipment to stop shipwreck or any equipment to quench the heat of fire from burning?
  25. The reason some individual have to drink the anointing oil before they will be whole is because of the fetish substance they have eaten in the past.
  26. Most of the time, right prayers comes after you have given quality thanks unto God.
  27. THE HOLY SPIRIT: Feeling to do or say something doesn’t mean that you are led. That something excites you doesn’t mean that God’s hand is in it.
  28. A man of the spirit cannot be understood by a natural man because his ways are directed by God.
  29. If you cannot serve God the best boss, Is it man the evil you will serve?
  30. God demanded that we make require his direction we have been doing and the new things we are about to start doing.
  31. Well educated people seems to understand the limitations and breakthrough of others but if you becomes God’s partner he will makes the wisest of men mad (and totally confused) concerning you.
  32. Pure Christians are hard to find.
  33. When people become envious of you; remember you have a jealous God. Exodus 20:5
  34. If God is using you mightily in the midst of other brethren note that some are not free from envy and strife.
  35. I found out that the people you positively impart will always be there for you in time of trouble, even when family and siblings doesn’t Care.
  36. If your partner in crime (when you were still the world of sin) is also your partner in Gospel ministry (after you have been converted and received the call of God). The same way crime end you in prison your ministry will end in (emptiness) the gutter and be flushed away.
  37. Some are fighting internal battle of rejection, such that they do feel inferior because they thought they are not pretty enough. There is this mediocrity syndrome in them that makes them feel they aren’t better (than any). So it’s good to speak them up, appreciate them and show them genuine Love. If you can do that, you have helped someone.
  38. It’s hard to trap an humble person but easy to get down the proud ones.

Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. Proverbs 4:7
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