If you have been obedient, not rebellious and very active in service, then you can leave the church based on the following happenings:

  • If they hardly mention the name of Jesus.
  • If they are totally worldly (carnal) in their worship.
  • If they teach de-humanity error things.
  • If there is divisions and variances unresolved among them.
  • If they are not caring and they always seek their own (caucus) only.
  • If they have turn the church (congregation) to a family affair.
  • If their preaching and prayers is to suite themselves and negate the word of God.
  • If they don’t stand on the authority of Jesus Christ only until they call a particular name or perform some anti scriptural things.
  • If you are never at rest in their midst then leave.
  • If you are hated or unduly castigated then leave.
  • If you notice a rise in immorality, adultery and fornication then you have to go.
  • If the man of God doesn’t have a good name.
  • If you notice some hidden things with real fact that cannot be uttered, then leave.
  • If you are continuously harassed.
  • If you always go bound in the spirit- watch it.
  • If none of the act of God (testimony) in your life is traceable to that assembly then get out!

All of the above and more are the reasons you can leave any place of worship. We note that a church building or congregation may not have all within as perfected saints. Also if a man is having a particular problem that involve people then it doesn’t automatically vanish for instance a lady(woman) that carries marital curses on her head that no man would marry her, the fact is that even in church no man will marry her until the jinx is broken. If people keep avoiding you continuously because of your characteristics even in church some will not fill too well with you, which is not a sin. It’s not good enough to use experience of another person as a yard stick to measure one’s own experience. Someone that favours you may be a threat to another so closed to you. More so it’s advisable that Church main and departmental leaders to possess a discerning spirit to be able to detect real problems when things happen and matters arises in the church. Let’s look at other reasons why some assembly will continue to have issues unresolved.

  1. UNLEARNED: So many assemblies are suffering from not learning. The fact is that knowledge is the way out and the way forward. Their is always the right thing to do to enjoy forward movement but some shepherd had ignore the place of knowledge; they read Bible and some journals only. They don’t do explorative studies, some don’t even read other pastors books and other relevant to ministry books; they read only their bible which is good but without what God had shown others you are still limited. You can easily grow your church, enjoy financial abundance, be greatly anointed as you learn from those God had given the access into the depth with practical testimonies s but if a church remain unlearned they will abound with a lot of crisis(issues unsettled). Such assembly may be lawless or change their way of doing things often which will affect their operation and some of their member will not know the uniqueness of their place of worship. Hence if a church is not learning they won’t know how to record their achievement, their lapses and how to forge ahead to do greater things, most of such congregation had retired to Prayer and fasting exercise only.
  2. MENTORSHIP: Today’s generation of Christians were subject or as a result of yesterdays Christianity. It was the prayers, preaching and continuity of yester-years Christian’s that gave birth to the Christianity of today and of course the Christianity of today will help that of many years to come. Yet we can only carry grace to grace by mentorship. If you refused to be mentored by those that have gone far ahead of you; you may crash or have no tangible things to offer your world. The worse of these are pastors that castigate others, they thought that anointing could be monopolized or it’s for personal gains. You need a mentor that will keep you on the right track. So dear if your pastor or shepherd is not submissive to any other, you should know there would be a lot of errors in his ministry. The place of Paul to Timothy, Elijah to Elisha cannot be ruled out in the body of Christ.  

Biblical References: Romans 16:17,1Corinthians 3:3, 6:14-17 Hosea 6:10.

Till I come your way again, keep enjoying the blessings of God:

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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