And I will give you pastors according to mine heart, which shall feed you with knowledge and understanding. Jeremiah 3:15

This is not an advice from a friend but God telling you what you actually need, for that confusion to be gone, for that frustration to end, for the burden to be lifted; you need a pastor. It’s good to note that, you may continue to fail in business, suffer in your health and never get fulfilled all because you don’t have a pastor. I pray that God will connect you to your Pastor.

Why, did God said ‘I will give you pastors according to mine heart? The answers to this question are numerous but let’s list few of them:-

  1. Your exact problem is not hidden from God Psalm 139:4-10
  2. God knows what you need and where it can be met Matthew 21:1-7
  3. God knows what you lack and how it can be gotten 2King 5:1-14
  4. God knows your in-capacity/Inadequacy and where or how it can be enhanced Genesis 2:18
  5. God Knows your mistakes and who can correct you aright 1Timothy 6:17-19

The Place Of Pastors In Our Life

  1. Parent and Siblings: There are biological orphans in the church that needed men and women to stand-in for them. This is the reason a pastor and his wife are mainly parent to the rejected, hated and orphans in the church. That’s one of the reasons they were called pastors. More so if the orphans still feel the absence of his biological parent while been fathered by a pastor then (may be) the pastor had not totally fulfil his calling mandate. Ephesians 6:1
  2. Counsellor: This is one of the major aspects of pastor’s assignment. Some folks in the church don’t have good counsellors, they are suffering from the wrong counsel people gave to them. As long as you don’t have the right knowledge on how a Christian home should be run then their will be issues unresolved but by right counsel you will cross hurdles as if they never exist. Peace in homes and in all our endeavours is tightly tied to right counsel. Pastors are given to us by God to offer us the right counsel. Exodus 18:5-24 
  3.  Teacher: The work of a teacher is to teach students new things to bring them into new knowledge of what will move them forward, this is the more reason that if a pastor is not studious and a continuous learner his congregation will starve.  Any man of God that wants people to flourish under him; must be ahead in (Biblical) knowledge. Paul the apostle said I received from the Lord 1Corinthians 11:23 so you must receive from God through study and prayer of enquiry to dish out to your people. God gave us pastors to feed us with knowledge and understanding.

How To Get Connected To Your Pastors

  1. Prayers: you can pray to God about it; he will surely bring your pastors your way. Jeremiah 33:3
  2. Be fond of listening to different pastors and sieved out the ones that has really challenged and impart your life; he could be your pastor. Isaiah 30:20-21, Act 8:26-40
  3. By Miracle and Divine Coincidence: Some of those Jesus healed and delivered followed him. Mark 10:46-52, Matthew 9:27-33


At times God in his infinite mercy may give you pastors because your destiny requires more than one. Beware of pride and illusion; stop picking well known rich and famous men of God as your pastor except the Lord has led you to them, their may be Christians not too far from you that can help you more than they do.

Also the issue of ones pastor may have nothing to do with the assembly (church) you attend. You don’t have to necessarily be a member of the assembly where your pastor is the shepherd (Minister in charge) Note that distance can separate you from worshipping in a particular assembly but through technology of our days no man is far.

I commit you into the hand of God for deeper understanding in Jesus name: You need a Pastor 

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