And the devil said unto him, All this power will I give thee, and the glory of them: for that is delivered unto me; and to whomsoever I will I give it. Luke 4:6

A teacher should always be accorded with the honour of a teacher. A man of God should remain a man of God always. Your career comes with some level of authority. The position God has placed you has some benefits for you. There are men and women that has lost their place of authority because of carelessness and ignorance. Let’s look at a teacher and a missionary. A teacher who has trained a lot of student and none of the student regards him after their tenure with him or a missionary that was taken as an ordinary man when he visited one of the place he had once served. This edition of Ayonimyte Talk we will be looking at YOUR PLACE OF AUTHORITY SHOULD BE FOREVER.

Let’s start by looking into the life of the following:-

  1. Husband: in God’s kind of setting the man is the head of the woman and he should remain so, but when a man begin to depend on the wife for financial support or leave the house keep totally to the woman; such man is on the verge of losing his authority over his wife and house. A man that hand over his responsibility as husband to the wife as also handed over his authority to the wife. No matter how the woman hide, the children would soon notice it that their mother is the one financing them and the house. An husband can lose his place of authority before becoming one. If you have started sleeping with the woman before you take her in as a wife; she might gain stronger influence on you. While fighting to get it back you will put the whole house on fire. The two things to note:

i. Every Woman Is Like A Wilderness full of ditches, wild animals, no way, and all kinds of dangers you can think of. Once you step into them via sexual intercourse, before they are blessed for you, something you can’t tell off has happened to you. More so, if you wait and married her properly, the prayers and the marriage rite performs makes a way in her wilderness and instead of her becoming a snare to you, she’s going to be a great blessing.

ii. Every woman is a desert, empty of what you really need if you want to marry her before you have sex with her. Her desert land becomes a watered garden and you will not even struggle to nurture her. She’s going to be a lot of blessing to you. Most men, husbands don’t know that a woman you sleep with before marrying her will have some negativity on you and may not totally respect you. There are stories of Pastor’s wives that doesn’t really honour their husband but any woman will love you for life if you take care of her and marry her properly. Also If sex too much in marriage, your authority is shaking. If a man continue to kneel down for his wife, respect the wife, place the wife over himself, hey! You should be a man. You can love your wife totally and still be the man over your house. Your family life becomes more fulfilling if your place of authority is not lost. Every husband needs to look up to God Almighty to know how to retain his authority over his house. Adam collected the fruit from his wife, no reaction no shouting, no scolding, he just took it from her and ate. If you obey your wife at the expense of divine order, you have signed for doom. 1 Corinthians 11: 1 – 8

  1. An Evangelist/A Man of God: There are lot of errors some men of God commit today that are errors and blunders on their calling. Some in the name of tapping the anointing, they have all kinds of hands laid on them, touch different other men of God and shake several hands. There are things every called to ministry man of God must not do. Firstly you must know that you are a man of God and you have an edge above all that God has brought your way. You don’t bow to those you are senior to, they bow to you no matter who they are and their reputation is of no use to you but when a man of God begin to run after big men and government for contract and money, you are trashing your authority in the mud unknowingly. Any blunder you commit doesn’t leave you the same. Some men of God will kneel down in front of their member to pray for them – it’s not right. There are some cultural things/actions we perform that trash our authority. It’s not pride to stand tall and stand above in your calling. In Luke 4:6, it was Adam and Eve that delivered it to him through their disobedience. Devils had taken over some homes, some countries, and some generations because what some persons had done. There is no way a father will be a ritualist and the children will not suffer the influences. Let’s look at some known ways of losing authority in the kingdom.
    • Wrong hand laying in prayers
    • Sharing anointing oil, by many fingers dipping into one bowl(It’s wrong except as led)
    • Sharing clothing materials Act 19:11-12

Generally: Authority can be lost via any sin, such as stealing, fornication, lying and others but it is so surprising as destiny are being destroyed via ordinary hand shake.  YOUR PLACE OF AUTHORITY

A teacher can remain a teacher for life. A teacher can carry the honour of a teacher for life. A father can carry the honour of a father for life. An honourable can live in realm of honour for life, but once you ere authority is under question. A times, when you are insulted, it’s actually a sign that you are losing ground.

Be wise. Your place of authority should be forever.

Be blessed.

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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