Who satisfieth thy mouth with good things;so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.  Psalm 103:5 These tips will help you to stop medication for ever as God made everything you need to stay healthy for you without human hands. Listen!  but if you are not born again sickness may remain part of your life (John 3:16) surrender your life to Christ and you will be free. Also note that child of God can be attacked health-wise (may be for the glory of God to be seen) as a son and daughter of Zion; victory over sickness is ours. I pray for you that sickness shall not claim your life before your days on earth are over. You shall not become a wandering spirit in Jesus name. Isaiah 53:1-5, John 6: 48-58,

  1. Beware of dirtiness and consume clean substances.
  2. Take Holy Communion daily.
  3. Eat food prepared by you or from good well known source.
  4. Don’t ignore danger when you sight it.
  5. Beware of strong drink (alcohol), smoking and the like ‘they can cut short your life or make you live your remaining days in pains.
  6. Beware of eating things toxic to your body, by nature your body may reject some food (substance)
  7. Plan to stop medication even at your worse battle with sickness and live by God’s word.
  8. Detest going to hospital first when challenge in your health Visit your creator’s house and see it (Church) as your health centre (Psalm 84:7).
  9. Engage in Christian practices such as Tithing, Offering, Praise, Dancing; giving God more reasons to stay alive.
  10. Beware of sowing evil seeds and Idolatry; it may return as incurable diseases.
  11. Chemical and preserved food ingredients, substances might be dangerous to system.

I remember some years ago:

  • I stopped taking sugary substance
  • I started taking pure drinking water
  • I started Eating good food(the kinds my body accept)
  • I stopped taking things toxic for my system
  • I started Taking Holy Communion daily
  • I stopped eating too much of beef e.t.c since then I noticed that my body rejects chemical substances and drugs (for consumption), though I grew in sickness and could not believe I will ever be healthy as my best place then was hospitals. Now I’ve celebrated 23 years of no Hospitalisation and 19 years of no medication. If you can be addicted to God, he will show you your personal way out of sickness. Welcome to a new world. These tips are mainly for Christians that believe in God’s health insurance.

Yours in his Love.

Inspirational Thought Published by Ayonimyte Zion Fellowship.

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